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Only Everywhere is a collection of work that was exhibited at the Western NY Book Arts Center from August 16 - September 21, 2013. 

Only Everywhere features work which records times of day, places, and seasons through the documentation of shadows or light cast onto different surfaces. Although a light source such as the sun or a street lamp may be calculable or repetitious, there are always variables such as a growth of trees casting shadows or a shift in perspective.  This reveals that no moment or image is ever exactly the same as any other despite the cyclical patterns of nature. Some of the works in this exhibition feature pulp paintings which have been meticulously stenciled onto handmade paper.  Others include layers of highly transparent silkscreen prints on papers made from Iris, Cattail, or other common plants.  Whether through silkscreen prints, handmade paper, or larger installations, the featured work calls to mind these soft, subtle moments in our lives that are at once ubiquitous and unique. 

Keeley was one of the artists chosen by WNYBAC for its 5 x 12 series, a year-long residency program that involves 5 artists over the course of 12 months; each artist is charged with conducting a free hands-on workshop that will be open to the general public, as well as producing a print that measures 5" x 12" that will be compiled in an end-of-the-year, limited-edition portfolio.